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    I first tested this theme on my own server: http://www.gomarky.com/vg_2012

    Everything worked beautifully. So I exported the build and put it on the server we use for work: http://visualgoodness.com/vg2

    Now when I make new portfolio items with videos, the videos show up as URLs instead of playable videos.

    I re-installed the theme. I also re-installed WP 3.3.1. Nothing helps.


    Update: For some reason, Youtube links are displaying as playable videos but the Vimeo links still display as text links.


    Ignore this. I got frustrated and decided to go with YouTube instead. I’d love to know if you guys have a fix down the road or if it’s the fault of WordPress.


    Hi Mrosal,

    For the sake of checking into the original issue, could you possibly put a vimeo video up on the visualgoodnes.com/v2 site so I can take a poke at it?

    Thanks you :)

    (if not I’ll be testing it on my local copy as well to see if I can reproduce the error but maybe we can get it fixed for you)


    is it just me or the “add external video URL” in portfolio items does nothing?

    The only way I can get a video working there is if I manually link it to an image. So that requires a few clicks to get there, a click to open the portfolio item and another click to play the video. Am I missing something or is there a way to get the video playing directly from the thumbnail in the portfolio grid front page?

    I looked through several posts but I don’t understand. I need a super basic walkthrough..


    2 days..


    HI. I, too, am having this problem. Please do recommend a solution.

    My page is: http://www.maxsar.net

    I have plenty of videos uploaded to my other CORONA site, http://www.orientbayfilms.com and have no trouble. However, the portfolio page with videos only provides a link and a spinning circle.

    Please advise asap.

    Thank you!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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