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    Hi, my apologies for reposting, I know there was a thread on this but can’t find it.

    I’m just getting my site started and testing with video:

    If you click the first video entry > and play ‘Death Reef 100’, it plays (as it should), but while it’s playing, if you click > ‘J—Plot’ below and press play, you’ll see ‘Death Reef 100’ keeps playing.

    Is there anyway to prevent this from happening? Or in other words—stop the current video from playing when a new one is played.





    I’ll tag Peter for this issue. He might know what to edit on avia.js.




    Currently there’s no way to solve this issue because the videos are embedded in an iframe by the wordpress oembed function and our javascript code can’t access/control the iframe content – therefore we can’t tell the player to stop once a user clicks on a button on your site.

    If Kriesi finds a workaround he’ll change this behaviour…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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