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    I have posted a site with Abundance and WooCommerce. It is really running slow – especially the shopping cart. I have the same host as I always did – and did not have this problem with the old site. Any suggestions? It’s http://www.xowater.com. Anyone mind taking a look for me? I’m in over my head.




    Hello MOJOAdam,

    Here are some links to check your website speed and gather diagnostic information to find out what you can do to optimize the performance of your website..




    Also W3 total Cache is a great plugin for getting more performance:


    Hope this helps..


    Hello MOJO,

    I visited the site and it runs fine. The water splash image background on the top renders slowly but everything loads fine. I visited the shop and it loads instantly.




    Hi Replete!

    My shopping cart check out is very very very very very slow. It takes 1 minute to bring customer to the bank details page. Pls see http://www.PerfumeStore.sg, add to cart any product and checkout, with payment method bank transfer. Please help. My sales have dropped significantly due to slow checkout.


    Hi perfumestore,

    It seems like the server hosting your site is having a hard time serving up the information. My guess is that you need to upgrade your hosting account to something better equipped to handle WordPress and look into a caching plugin.




    Hi Devin,

    Thanks for your respond. I just upgraded to PRO host package with Justhost. The problem ain’t solve. I still get database timeout, slow add to cart and checkout with payment method. Has this got something to do with the database? Is replete designed to manage large numbers of SKUs/Variations? I have WP Super Cache on and that cached about 3000 pages but still no avail. I wonder what is really wrong. Please help.




    Hi PerfumeStore,

    I don’t know what the “Pro” account is for that host but it appears to be a very budget oriented hosting provider. Typically, with hosts like that you are on a server shared by lots of other websites and sharing access to the same computers that run them all at once.

    In your case, there seem to be only 2 others that are hosted using the same web server but without knowing the actual stats for the hosting server I can’t say one way or another if its a server issue or something else going on.

    By itself, Replete is just a skin on top of WordPress and WooCommerce which run your shop. Anything that increases performance for WordPress will increase peformance for your site.



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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