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    I have created a slider with caption area on the right side. Every image on the slide contains “real” image – 623 px wide and the transparent area 307 px wide, which goes under the caption The problem is – there is a white line either at the right-most end of the slider or near the middle, at the beginning of the caption area.

    Here is the image which shows how it looks like (I can’t link to my site, because it is a development version, hosted on internal network):

    As you can see, every browser is affected – most of them show white line at the right edge and Safari shows it in the middle. On a first glance, Internet Explorer renders the slider correctly, but on a closer look, it also shows vertical line in the middle – but noticeably thinner, so it is not visible in the image above. I did not modify the theme code in any way. All browsers are latest versions and I’m testing on Windows 7.

    What is the best way to fix this? I tried to fill the right side of the image with the color of the caption background, but this did not remove the white line at the right edge.

    The image itself is 930×360 px, just as the documentation asks.


    Hi tonidrabik,

    I checked your site and noticed that you have changed the theme color, I can’t seem to see the issue in the slider.




    Hi Ismael,

    you couldn’t have seen the site because it is behind a firewall. :) If you have looked at the site linked in my profile – it is made using Twicet and has nothing to do with this issue. As I mentioned in my post, the site I’m currently working on using Coherence theme is behind a firewall and I’m unable to take it public until all issues are resolved.

    The white lines in slider are clearly visible on the screenshots I have taken (I have circled them in red, just to be on the safe side):

    I will be happy to hear any tips on how to get rid of them.



    Can you tell us what settings you have for that slideshow? I’m not able to replicate the issue under and settings or configurations on my live version of the theme.

    I also noticed it looks like the images are not expanding behind the caption which they should be. The caption should also be partially transparent to hide them.




    Hi Devin,

    thanks for your answer. Here are the settings for the slideshow (screenshots):

    I have replaced the white/transparent part of the images with the colored background, as you suggested. Safari and Internet Explorer now render the slider correctly, as expected. However, the problem persists with Chrome, Opera and Firefox which still show vertical line at the right edge of the caption:

    The line is not white anymore (and it is obvious why), but that doesn’t help – I’d like the caption area to be completely aligned with the right edge of the slider.



    Seems we are in a Catch 22 situation here because you wont push it live until the white line is gone, and we cant replicate the white line ourselves and need for you to push at least something private but live to fiddle with the css. This is a very specialized issue and very difficult to troubleshoot without seeing the live code in firebug.




    Hi Nick,

    thanks for the answer. I will try to post a working copy public in a day or two.



    Sure, just install a maintenance plugin and hide the urls using a shortener such as



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