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    I am not sure why this is an issue but I have a problem migrating my Coalition-based website. I want to use the latest version. However…
    the version.txt states that 2.9 should be the latest version

    2015 June 17th – Version 2.9
    – style.css – new version number
    – folder framework – update to latest version + bugfix for image upload
    – folder js/prettyPhoto – updated prettyPhoto lightbox to latest version

    However when I download the latest version from Themeforest I get the 2.3 version, as stated in style.css

    Am I getting something wrong, am I making a mistake somewhere.
    How do I get the latest version?

    Thank you


    Hey mcdragon!

    I just checked and I see the issue.
    I have reported a fix for the number, seems it has been a ” bad counting “. I have reported the issue and we will have Kriesi fix it for us.

    We are sorry for that!


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