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    Hi — we have a simple one-page installation of Velvet, and at some point in the past month the homepage slideshow stopped cycling and the thumbnails stopped working. The slides are linked to a lightbox version of the slideshow and that version works.

    I tried turning the slideshow rotation on/off and republishing the page. Also tried changing a few additional settings and republishing. It did not correct the problem.

    Odd thing is that this site has not been changed for ages (no wordpress or velvet updates). It just stopped working.

    Thanks for your help!



    Have you tried disabling all third-party plugins to see if it gets fixed?



    Thanks Josue — I disabled Akismet — the only 3rd party plugin enabled — and it did not correct the problem.

    Next I tried building a new test page and slideshow with the same settings, and that was broken too.

    Finally I went back to the live page and tried various “Image Slideshow” types with thumbnails (thumbnails are a design requirement). Only the “Fullsize Aviaslider with Thumbnails” works. The “Fullsize Ken Burns Slider with Thumbnails” and the “Gallery Slider with Thumbnails” are broken in the same way…. the slideshow doesn’t auto cycle (with Auto Rotation set to “Yes”), the thumbnails are dead, and the lightbox slideshow works.

    Note: Even though the Aviaslider is working, I’ve reset the page BACK to the broken “Fullsize Ken Burns Slider with Thumbnails” for 24hrs so you can see/troubleshoot the problem. We prefer the Ken Burns style and would like to get it working again.

    Thank you,



    Hey Lori!

    Please update Velvet to its latest version (1.6.1).

    Best regards,

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