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    I purchased the Abundance WP Theme from Themeforest to use for a client’s website. I’ve tried several different ecommerce themes and I am hoping that this is the one that will work. However, it has taken a few days trying to figure out how to even add variation options to this theme. But, I did finally figure out how to add attributes and variations. But now I am having a problem.

    I need the variable values to keep the order that I have them in. I’ve tried different scenarios, using 01, 02, A), B) but on the front end it shows up differently. For example: I’ve got this in the attribute values.

    A) One Gallon|B) Two Gallon|C) Three Gallon|D) Five Gallon|E) Seven Gallon|F) Ten Gallon|G) Fifteen Gallon|H) Twenty Gallon|I) Twenty Five Gallon|J) Thirty Gallon|K) Forty Five Gallon|L) Fifty Five Gallon|M) Sixty Five Gallon

    I have added this as a variation for one product. Chose the attribute values in the order given above giving each their respective pricing. However, when I go to the frontend, the drop down choice is not the same as I have chosen or given as the attribute value.

    On the front end drop down it has this:

    D) Five Gallon

    E) Seven Gallon

    F) Ten Gallon

    G) Fifteen Gallon

    H) Twenty Gallon

    I) Twenty Five Gallon

    J) Thirty Gallon

    K) Forty Five Gallon

    L) Fifty Five Gallon

    M) Sixty Five Gallon

    C) Three Gallon

    B) Two Gallon

    A) One Gallon

    I need it to go from A thru M. Where do edit to make sure that it keeps the order I enter in the values so that on the front end the options make sense and in the order that I’ve added them.

    Thank you,



    Did you try to sort the attribute terms? Go to “Products” > Attributes > “Configure terms” and then you can sort the terms by drag’n’drop (hover over a “term field” and you’ll see that the cursor changes – now you can move and reposition it).


    Hi Devin,

    Thanks, I needed to know that too!



    Yes, I’ve tried that. But, it reorders it again once you hit save. So, it has to be somewhere within the coding itself. Woo Themes was hacked and they’re still trying to reconfigure all of their data, so I can’t go to them to see if maybe it’s a woocommerce plugin coding that might be affecting it. I’ve had to do a work around for the time being and create 3 pages per product breaking down the variations so that it won’t be so confusing for the potential client. That’s the only thing I can do right now, but am hoping that the Theme Developer would chime in here and maybe can figure out why it’s doing this and where to edit the code.

    Thanks for the reply though.



    The theme doesn’t affect the variations order. We just display the code/text woocommerce passes to us.

    Best regards,



    Thanks for the reply. I will wait for WooThemes to get their site back in order and hope they can help with this little problem.



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