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    I have found another thread that says basically we’re SOL. Why wasn’t this disclosed before I purchased this theme, This is a lot of time and money wasted on an assumed functionality that isn’t available I would like a refund from themeforest.

    To be clear there will be no update where the variables of a product are visually updated on the product page?



    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

    I’m not sure if themeforest handed out refunds. Maybe you should go to themeforest site and ask for their support. Let me tag the rest of the support team.




    The latest woocommerce update broke the variable product image switcher function. Have a look at this thread: which tells you how to fix the issue. Kriesi will include this fix in the next theme update. To use variable product images you need to add all product images to the featured slideshow. Then add/select a slideshow image for each variation product.



    I’m also a bit confused about the product variation image issue.

    Is it possible to change the image according the the variation item that is selected? E.g. When selecting “green” in the drop down variation box, is it possible to change the image to the green image in the slideshow?

    If yes, can you please provide a step by step guide how to achieve that.

    Adding an image to each variation doesn#t seem to work (in some other thread I think I read that I would need to upload the images to the slideshow and then link them…. ) Please advice




    Yes, actually you need to select the images twice. You need to add ALL product images (including all variation images) to the slideshow and then you need to set (the same images) as “variation images”. I wrote a script for Propulsion which compares the variation images with the existing slideshow images and if the variation image is part of the slideshow image set it will tell the slideshow to switch to this particular image. The script won’t work if you just add an image to the variation or if you choose different images for the slideshow and variations.


    Unfortunately this is not working.

    How do I set the same image as a variation?

    Here’s what I did:

    1, I uloaded the images to slideshow

    2, in the variation tab I clicked the add image thumbnail

    3, in the “media” tab of the popup I selected the image from the slideshow that I want to use for the variation

    4, repeated #3 for all variations



    Did you update the variation script (see ) ?




    yes I did… maybe a more detailed step by step description would help so I can find the error



    Based on your last post I guess your variation image setup is correct. Can you post a link to a variable product page please. I’ll check the source code.





    sent you an email to (Email address hidden if logged out)



    I’ll close this thread now.

    Best regards,


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