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    To issues

    1) After adding a variable product the page justification is displayed to the far right; example ( ) how do I fix this issue? ps I am using the gallery style flexible grid. I have tried all the other gallery styles but none of them except the one I am using shows the product.

    2) This is more of a question. With my photography a majority of my photographs can be printed the same sizes or on the same medium so with the woo-commerce plugin how can you add multiple products with the same attributes and variations without having to enter each photo in as a new product. I have tried using a page template and then duplicating it, however when I go to the template copy and try adding a photo to be displayed I either have to allow it to show both photos ( one from the template and the new one for the template copy) or I have to delete the first photo from the gallery which in fact deletes it from the first template gallery. I have over a hundred photos I need to add as products but adding each one in as a new product could possibly take weeks because I would have to enter the attributes and variations again.

    Thank you for any and all help you can provide!


    Hi jamesjpayne,

    First disable wp-super-cache and then view the page in your browser. Refresh it 3-4 times and then close the browser completely and re-open that page. This way you are viewing any changes completely and there isn’t the possibility of viewing a cached version.

    In your menus manager, try creating a second different menu and attaching it to the option “Flashlight Shop Menu”. I think an error is happening because you have the main menu in both selections.




    My wp-super-cache is not activated but removing the main page from the flashlight shop tab fixed the justification issue. Do you have any suggestions or ideas about my second question?


    Sorry about that, forgot to answer the second part.

    There was just a new Flashlight update that switches the theme over to using the updated Avia framework and image manager. Try updating the theme and see if at that point creating a new product and duplicating it still duplicates the attached gallery.

    Typically the Flashlight products are unable to be duplicated but with the update it may work now.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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