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    Hi there, i am designing my printing website on propulsion and am using variable item and attributes. I have them setup fine but for variable items there is no add to cart button?

    Here is a variable item link so you can see the issue;

    Normal items are fine and can be added to the cart

    Any help would be great.


    Hi stott226matt,

    Were you able to fix the issue? I see an add to cart button when I view the page. Just to note, the Shipping/Collection MUST have an option selected before it will show up as part of the WooCommerce Core (we can’t change that as far as i know).




    This is not working for us either on as well. If you navigate to (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -education/ and try and choose the options necessary to buy a shirt you will notice that the add to cart button never appears. Our site is on WP 3.4.2 and we have version 1.6 of the Propulsion theme with v1.6.3 of WooCommerce (as we were told to downgrade backwards due to theme issues).

    Please advise us on how to fix this issue which we believe is Javascript related.



    Please open up the woocommerce-mod.js file located inside the config-woocommerce folder off the root of the theme with notepad, and make a backup copy in case something goes wrong. Find the function shown below which should start on line 584 and go on till the end of the file line 638

    function variation_adjustment(select_el)

    please delete the entire function and replace it with the one below

    function variation_adjustment(select_el)
    var selects = jQuery(select_el);

    //unify select dropdowns
    var el = jQuery(this);

    el.bind('change', function()
    var currentVariationId = jQuery('input[name="variation_id"]').val();
    var productid = jQuery('input[name="product_id"]').val();
    if ( !productid || !currentVariationId ) return;

    var currentvariation = window["product_variations_" + productid].filter(function (currentvariation) { return currentvariation.variation_id == currentVariationId });

    if(typeof currentvariation[0] == "undefined" || !currentvariation[0]) return;

    var imglink = currentvariation[0].image_link;

    jQuery('.slideshow li a img').each(function()
    var imgscr = jQuery(this).attr("src");

    if(imglink == imgscr || imglink.replace(/-d+xd+./, ".") == imgscr.replace(/-d+xd+./, ".")){
    var index = jQuery(this).parents('li').index();
    var container = jQuery(this).parents('.slideshow_container');

    if (index != 0){
    container.find('.slideshow li a:eq(0)').css( "display", "none" );

    var controls ='.thumbnails_container'),
    thumbs = controls.find('.slideThumb');

    var current = jQuery('.numeric_controls a:eq('+index+')').addClass('activeslideThumb');
    container.find('.numeric_controls a:eq('+index+')').trigger('click');

    if (index != 0){
    container.find('.slideshow li a:eq(0)').css( "display", "block" );
    }, 1500);



    }, 100);


    Please let us know if it worked.



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