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    Let’s say I have a page, we’ll call it Custom Stats. That page uses Page Attributes and leverages the custom php page called “custom-stats.php.” This performs a variety of tasks that are dynamic called from the database, etc. Works great on its own, but I’d like to use it as part of a template.

    So, can I then leverage the Template Builder to utilize “Page/Post Content” and select that page and show the actual generated code from the php file, and not just the flat current content in the page?


    Hi kork,

    I can’t really answer that without seeing the exact code and implementation. Your best route would be to just try it out.

    I know you can include shortcodes when pulling from page content so you could always wrap the other functionality into a shortcode.




    It doesn’t work, that why I was curious if there was another method. No worries though. I’ll just build a custom page and instead. I just thought it would be nice using the template to use both types of elements.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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