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    In the Logo/Partner List section for Frontpage in Themebuilder, there is space for 5 logos. I would like to include 6 logos. Is there a way to use a slider in this section?


    Hi VikR,

    No, it doesn’t support any kind of slideshow function at this time.




    Ok. Hmmm…. Can I add a slide show element to the template to get a slider functionality?


    Hmmmm…… I guess a slideshow just shows one image at a time. For a possible future update, it might be good to have a version of the Product Slider that can be used for logos. A Partner/Logo slider. Cool! For now 5 logos will be fine. :)



    Let me tag this on to Kriesi for future updates.

    You can also use the slideshow to showcase the logos. Place 3 logos side by side as a single image then upload it on a slideshow. Let’s say you have 3 sets or 9 logos, it will look like a logo slider.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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