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    I would like to make a 3-column portfolio page, so that when an item is clicked, the full-width slider is shown.

    However, I can’t find the way to link a portfolio item to a full-width slider.

    Also, when I make a full-width portfolio item appart, it only shows 930×370 (instead of 930×523)?

    Could you please help me out?

    Thank you,




    Is it possible that the largest image size, for a full-width portfolio slider is actually larger than indicated in “theme functions” (930*523)? It seems my image gets stretched. What would the largest possible size be?





    After clicking the portfolio item image , a page with the slider loads up. I think that’s the standard functionality, no? I tried doing it and had best results with adding the CSS below to your custom.css file.

    #top.single-portfolio .slideshow_big {
    right: 180px;
    bottom: 40px;
    #top.single-portfolio .slideshow.preloadingDone {
    height: 800px !important;
    width: 1280px !important;

    Whole problem is that the size of the screen is unknown. Since the theme is not responsive, its up to you to figure out what you want to do and how big you want to show the image. However you should always upload your images *larger* then the size you plan on showing them , never smaller. Also you should prep the images prior to uploading to make sure the aspect ratio is always the same. So first you would pick you ideal image size. lets say 1280×800 .. then you have to be sure that the images are proportional to that size (aspect ratio) basically if you are uploading a width of 1500, then your height would need to be ( 1500 * 800 ) /1280 = 938px to be proportional to 1280×800.

    Try uploading a few images at this size.

    I made the portfolio by creating a custom template with portfolio type element. I add the custom portfolio to a page. then i created portfolio items where in each item i chose “”Fade Slider (force full width)”” along with the css above. <—slider i made

    What would be the largest possible portfolio image size?

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    Good luck,



    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for helping out. I still have a question, though.

    I figured out how the image proportions work. The maximum image width of Corona is 930px, and customized the height in “theme functions”. From there, if images are bigger I make sure they have the same proportions, like you explained.

    In “theme functions” I have specified 930*558. However, when uploading an image of 1000*600 (same proportions), the output loses definition or sharpness. How come??

    “Accidents have a strange way of happening to people who talk too much about the Bavarian Illiminati.” ;-)





    I can’t answer you without looking at the page , but one thing is for sure, if it becomes blurry , it is being shown at a different size. Look at the page with chrome developer tools, and see width / height of the image as it is saved on the server and the width height it is being displayed at. You may need to add some constraints as I’ve done in my previous answer to you, but without seeing what you have, I can’t guess it.



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