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    Hi I’ve realized that just having the page content for the fullscreen background slider is too restrictive. So I would like to be able to display the individual photo’s descriptions instead. This way then user is shown another photo they may also see a new description as well.

    What files will I need to modify in order to achieve this?

    Many thanks


    Hi larssonk22,

    Whatever pages you wanted this new effect to take place on you would have to edit those loops in the includes folder.

    The issue is pulling up a caption for each image with wordpress. I don’t know of anyway to easily call captions for images into the loop and integrating that within the themes functions as is will be a trick.




    There are slideshow plugins that do, maybe this can help us find a solution?


    It isn’t a matter of possibility, but the depth of the change just isn’t something we can do via support. You can look into a freelance developer if its a feature that you absolutely need or even integrating that slideshow plugin to handle the output.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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