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    I own both habitat and the 3 in 1 web templates. I much prefer habitat in it’s basic look, but I very much like the 3d slider of the other one. is there any way I can import the 3d slider into my habitat website?



    If, by the 3 in 1 template you mean Display ( (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -portfolio-wordpress-/74542) it’s not an easy task to integrate Cu3er (the flash slider) but the author has made it easier by including a WP plugin to handle the backend code –

    I would recommending starting with a fresh copy of the Cu3er slider before making your modification as there was a bug in the version included with Display (but can’t be updated due to licence restrictions).



    That would be fantastic..except for the extra price tag! If there’s no way of integrating the one in Display, I guess we’ll have to do without..



    There is also a free version available (for personal projects) – unfortunately we have no control over their pricing structure so there’s little we can do to help there. There are other flash sliders (such as but the effects may be different to Cu3er.



    Thanks for the link, but sadly it’s not a personal project, it’s a company website I’m building. I’ll check out flashslider, thanks.



    No problem, let us know if you have any other questions.




    This may be the wrong place to post this but I’m having a really strange problem with the slider in Chrome. The first image in the slider appears fine and the rest all are re-sized and look like they have a negative effect over them. Take a look here in chrome.

    Thanks for your time.



    Firstly, this is the wrong place to post but we’ll help out as best we can anyway! In future please open your own topic for 2 reasons:

    1.) It easier for people searching for answers to the same question.

    2.) The topic creator can adjust the “Resolved” or “Not resolved” setting, so it’s much easier for us to keep track of which topics / questions still need an answer and which don’t.

    Regarding your site, please disable Maintenance Mode or provide us with login details to view the site (subscriber account).



    I’ll disable maintenance mode now, Sorry again for posting it in the wrong place :S



    No problem, I’ve looked at your site and I agree that is a really weird error.

    It’s definitely the images with the problem, even tried downloading, modifying in Photoshop and uploading to see if it made a difference (it didn’t):

    I suggest would be to recreate the image from scratch / the originals and test in various browsers to see what’s working and what’s not.

    Sorry, I can’t be of further assistance, it’s a problem I’ve never come across before.


    Update: after saving image as PNG then back to JPG it seems to work in Chrome:

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