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    hi guys,

    can i use an automatic translation service instead of the WPML plugin (for instance: global translator)? I would like to use the language flaggs in the upper right corner provided if WPML is enabled.



    The WPML language switcher you mean? You want to use it with another plugin? Where’s the legal team?! Let’s get him boys!

    Just joking. I would think you can do what you want if its permitted by the contract. I think Dude (Head of Support) is much better equipped to handle this question.




    Yes you can use the style switcher from the WPML plugin because WPML is licensed under the GPL license ( ).


    that’s good news. i see i need to ask more precisely: – i am looking for a way to use the language switcher in the frontend. BUT i don’t know how to do a google translation instead of the manual translation with WPML. that means i just want to activate the language buttons in choices but i don’t want to translate manually. do you know how to do this?



    Just install a plugin to do that. I am not sure how to integrate the google language switch in place of the WPML language switch. If you look at the config-wpml/config.php page , you will see how it’s attached and then just substitute.




    Sorry, but that’s not the answer i was hoping for. I want to activate the language flaggs that come naturally with the theme choices. I thought this is built in since it is sure that not everybody wants to translate manually with WPML.

    Please tell me how to activate the language flaggs AND then use google translation services instead of WPML.

    It is not nice to have a theme prepared for translation but then not beeing able to use the functionality as designed. It also looks silly to then show a translation widget instead of the propper language flaggs. The should be in the place right above the search field.


    Unfortunately these flags require WPML code and you need to “extract” it somehow from the plugin core code. Some code parts can be found in the choices/config-wpml folder but it won’t work without some styles, php code etc. from WPML. I’m also not sure how to implement the Google translator API. The only suggestion I can make at this point is to hire a skilled freelancer for this task.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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