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    hello. I am trying to integrate 2 specific functions (using plugins) into the REPLETE theme. before I post my question, a little context:

    I am building a Chamber of Commerce website that needs 2 major functions – an events calendar that also allows for event registration and a membership signup that includes recurring annual billing. I am using Events Calendar Pro for the events managagement, and WOO Subscriptions for member billing.

    REPLETE handles the WOO Commerce plugin perfectly, but the EVENTS Calendar is not. you can see the link here:

    I have updated the EVENTS CSS so that the calendar displays properly, however, the overall look is different than the other pages. the plugin requires me to choose a default template – default events or default page.

    when choosing the default events template, then the blue page header (at the top of each page) disappears. When selecting the default page template, the blue page title box appears, but the page title is blank. When looking at the breadcrumbs, it looks as though the active page is actually the HOME page, not the EVENTS page.

    I have been searching for months now to find a theme that can easily accommodate both an events calendar / registration plugin AND a member subscription plugin. You guys have themes that are awesome for one or the other (INCARNATION – events, REPLETE – WOO Commerce), but I am hoping there is a relatively easy fix to make one work with both functions?

    thanks in advance for your time and your help!


    Hi nheird,

    I’m not familiar with the plugin but it looks like the page and functionality is working fine aside from the title not getting set which could be from how the page is designated.

    It looks like it also isn’t able to recognize the custom post type. I know incarnation adds in its own set of functions to modify things specifically for the plugin but don’t know how well they would easily transfer over.

    I know the pro version comes with support on the plugin side which may help you getting the basics of the events calendar set up and working if you are having trouble there.




    ok. I’ll ping the plugin dev and see what suggestion(s) they may have.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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