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    Hi, would it be a big hassle to set up a shop with your very cool looking theme “Velvet”? If it’s no big deal… would you recommend Flexishop or wooCommerce?

    Regards, Thor



    as far as I know Flexishop is a theme any ou can’t use it with Velvet. WooCommerce itself is a plugin but it requires some work to use it with Velvet (WooCommerce uses special templates, etc. – since version 1.4 it’s much easier to create a woocommerce template for any theme but obviously some css/php/html adjustments are necessary). The easiest way is to use the woocommerce_content function: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) /

    Other plugins like (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -plugin-768?ap_id=Dude_Kriesi”>Simple Paypal Shopping Cart (which is free) or (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) ?ap_id=Dude_Kriesi”>WP eStore or Tribulant’s WordPress Shopping Cart Plugin can be integrated easily because everything can be done with shortcodes – e.g. you can use a shortcode for product overview pages, single product pages, checkout pages, cart pages, etc.


    Thanks for an informative answer:-)

    To use those plugins, would I first need to install te WP eCommerce plugin?


    No – the WP eCommerce plugin is another (different) plugin. It’s not required to use estore, shopping cart or tribulant’s plugin. WP eCommerce is very popular however I’ve heard more bad than good and it conflicts with many other plugins.


    You been a great help. Thanks!

    I’m wondering about using this theme for a restaurant, and have suggested to build an interactive kind of catering menu. I’m visualizing a form with a list of items from their menu where people can select what they’d like to order, how many of each item, and then have the form calculate a total, and where they can send this summed up order to the restaurant.

    Would you happen to know a good plugin that would go well with the Velvet theme, and that could handle these features?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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