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    I’ve looked into many options for facilitating discussion on various eCommerce products and I’ve decided to use Disqus for it’s ease of implementation and FB/ Twitter integration. I’ve been able to successfully implement it on blog posts, but how can I enable it on Product Pages? Right now, products are showing the default “Review” section in place of the Disqus comment box. I’d like to swap Disqus for the reviews section. Thank you as always!


    Any thoughts on this? It’s implemented perfectly on blog posts and if I can achieve that same thing with the products, I’ll be all set! :)


    I may have found something too hard to be fixed with this request. It seems doable but I guess I’m just an eternal optimist.


    Tbh this question is beyond the scope of our support forum because it’s a plugin related issue/question. Please head over to the woocommerce developer website: and ask them if it’s possible or not.


    Hey CarletonTorpin,

    As far as I know the plugin replaces the normal comments with the reviews function. It will probably be something that needs to be asked in the WooCommerce forums since it deals directly with the plugin.




    Good point. I’ll check there. Thanks guys!


    If you do get an answer specific to the plugin and how to integrate it, feel free to post your results here for others to find later :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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