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    Rather than changing the code so we can use a page in the slider, why not just use posts as pages? I see a post can be used as a menu item right?

    Is there anything a page can do that a post can’t?



    the simple difference is that you can assign posts to categories and that you can easily query them (i.e. you can show certain posts in archives or all posts on the blog page). The disadvantage is that you need to exclude posts with static content if you don’t want to show them on the blog page.


    Also it seems that a page can be ordered, a post cannot. Right?


    Yes. To be honest I wouldn’t use posts instead of pages for static content (i.e. contact page, terms & conditions, etc.).


    The problem is I don’t want posts to appear in my front/home page other than in the widget area and perhaps the slider. How do I only display static content on the home page without messing up the slider? I know if I change to a static page the slider goes away!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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