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    sheeeesh – have been staring at the screen for too long recently and seemingly can’t find the point where to start, neither in Abundance settings nor in those of WooCommerce… LOL

    I would like to customize the user registration form, since I do not need some of the fields for my business, but would like to include others. Is that possible, and if yes, WHERE??? ;-)

    And second challenge: some of the fields are set to “required” by default, but actually are NOT required in my opinion. E.g. I would love to give my customers the ability to enter their phone number, but do not want to force them to do so. Where can this be changed?

    thanks for pointing an old blind man into the right direction… ;-)




    nobody? you guys all happy with the fields WooCommerce provides and the fact that clients have to reveal their phone number (or enter a fake one….) for a simple online order?

    Would appreciate if someone could share a way to modify the fields and how to make them (not) mandatory.

    Or has anyone tested if plugins like Cimy User Extra Fields work with WooCommerce?

    thanks & cheers



    Hey Martin,

    The only required fields for actual registration are User name, email and password. The required fields for checking out does include the phone number. Its just that if you require registration before checkout they get combined into one page to make the user not have to go through so many hoops.

    As for adding new fields/removing which are required, I remember reading that WooCommerce might be adding that ability in later but for now it is not part of the built in features so you would need to modify the WooCommerce plugin itself.


    Thanks Devin, that’s what I suspected. Will see if I can at least change the checkout process so the phone number thingy is not required & otherwise wait for WooCommerce to make the registration/user info process more flexible…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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