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    I am new to WP and just installed Propulsion.

    I am trying to understand how user roles work across the full set of functionality presented in the Propulsion theme and provided by the supporting plugins (WP, wooCommerce, bbPress).

    Specifically, I am trying to allow new users to access all functionality at the same time including:

    (1) comment on posts and products

    (2) purchase items from the store

    (3) contribute to forum discussions

    How can I set this up when WP only allows each user to have a single role and the various plugins each require a different role to access use their respective functionality? bbPress requires the user to have a role of “Forum Participant”, wooCommerce requires a user to have a role of “Customer” and I believe WP requires a user to have a role of “Subscriber” to post comments.



    Well, basically for all of this, a user should just need to create an account. the lowest level of a member should be sufficient to comment, purchase and discuss on the forums, without any additional setup.

    If thats not the case for users that register on your site let me know, I will check that ;)


    my question is in regards to user permissions in Forum part of Enfold theme. not sure if this is the right place to post this but will do anyway and wait for the response:

    1. Participant or Spectator

    is there a possibility to have participant or spectator to only be able to reply to the topics created by admins and not start the new topics?

    2. New Topic Notifications

    if anyone posts a new topic is it possible to receive notifications through email to enable prompt moderation?

    3. – No Role For These Forums –

    under user details if the Forum role is defined as above (users that existed before installing this theme or if Automatic Roles not assigned in Forums Settings) do i have to change all those manually or there is a possibility to automate that process?


    Hi akhilz,

    Your best source for those questions is the bbPress docs here:

    I’m going to close this topic for now since this is in the Propulsion forums and very out of date having gone through so many new versions of plugins, themes and WordPress.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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