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    I read a post where a few people have requested that there should be a way to set the default action of the Use Zoom/Lightbox feature for the Featured Product image. That would solve my issue as my customer would like that feature for all products. I am also using the wooCommerce CSV Import Suite.Using that, I was told that if I could figure out the name for the field that sets that property, I could add that and import along with my products. So can anyone tell me the value that sets that property to “noLightbox cloudzoom_active”?

    In the database I see 2 meta_key values:_avia_elements_avia_options_abundance and _avia_elements_theme_compatibility_mode. For a product post that has the Zoombox set they both use the – a:1:{s:13:”zoom_lightbox”;s:0:””;} Viewing the page code, there is an Input value called ‘noLightbox cloudzoom_active’. Which property should I use and with what value?

    Thanks in advance to anyone who might be able to help.



    Edit a product then look for “Feature Image Option”.. Select “Use Zoom”.




    Sorry Ismmael, Not even close. I was so close to begin with.The thing that confused me was if the setting had not been set and was just grabbing the default value, the meta_value field was filled with all sorts of html code.

    For those using the Abundance theme with wooCommerce and using the CSV Import Suite here’s the settings.

    Both of these meta_keys need to be set:



    meta_value if you want to use the CloudZoom box

    a:1:{s:13:”zoom_lightbox”;s:27:”noLightbox cloudzoom_active”;}

    meta_value if you want to use the Lightbox (this is the default so if you want this, don’t do anything)


    So for the CSV import create 2 columns with the 2 meta_key values above and then fill the values with of both columns with the desired setting value.


    Hey golfdawgg,

    Thanks for the great information! That should really help out others that are looking for the solution. We often don’t have the chance as support to dive into some of the back end functions of the themes so its great when we also get to see a final resolution :)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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