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    Hello! I am Spanish, and I do not speak English well, so here I am using the google translator.

    I have a doubt with the template “propulsion”.

    Is there any way to make the products appear as youtube videos instead of images?


    Here, I need to appear instead of the images of each product, see a youtube video.

    How should I do?

    Thank you very much and excuse me for my english


    Hi newfile

    No, unfortunately not that I can think of without significant modification to the theme files. It would need to be done be a developer as its quite a bit more than anything we can do through support.




    Yeah, I figured that there would be an option in the admin panel template, but you know that files you have to change and I have to put that code to get it?

    thanks :)



    The code for all dynamic elements can be found in wp-contentthemespropulsionincludeshelper-templates.php

    The product element code can be found in:

    function shop($element)



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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