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    Hello! We are currently using the Angular theme and it’s working great ( My creative director however has a request that I’m not sure how to do.

    He would like to create a regular page that looks like a portfolio item but isn’t included in the portfolio section. This is an example of the layout he would like to use for a regular page:

    Is there any way to copy over the portfolio item template to be able to use it as a page template?




    Hi Angular team,

    First I’d like to say a huge thank you for providing such a great theme!

    I have a similar request to the topic creator. We initially produced content as portfolio pages due to the design, but try as we might, we couldn’t put widgets in the sidebar (tried widget logic, dynamic widgets…etc…). So we decided to recreate the layout of the portfolio design as standard pages. The issues we currently have are…

    1) The top widget (in the sidebar) has a huge gap and spacer line above it. Can these be removed to allow the top widget to float inline with the top of the main content area? In fact, can the spacer line and gaps be reduced or removed for all widgets?

    2) The text size, column and gutter widths of the portfolio sidebar differs from that of a standard page (with a sidebar). Can the layout for sidebars on a page item be altered to match that of sidebars on a portfolio item?

    This is an example of our portfolio page…

    This is an example of our reproduced page…

    It’s certainly getting there, the layout just needs tightening up a bit. Hopefully you can provide some insight into making the above changes.

    Kind regards,



    Hi Ashley,

    You could potentially fake it by creating a custom page template and then using the theme grid to get the same layout. Its not a true portfolio post type and won’t have the same meta fields but it will give you the basic layout. It’ll take some digging through the theme files however so if you aren’t comfortable with php/css I would recommend looking into a freelance web developer.

    See: and look specifically at the page.php for how the theme framework calls a basic page. You can edit out a lot of the php variable options and hard code in your own container sizes uses the grid formatting the portfolio uses.


    I’ll do my best to answer here but in the future if you could create a new post for this long of a question it will help keep things more organized and we’ll be able to get back quicker :)

    1) There seems to be an empty text widget at the top of the sidebar on so removing that should get rid of the space. If this isn’t what you mean, can you point me to the correct error in a screenshot perhaps.

    2) Try adding the following CSS to your Quick CSS (located under the Styling Tab in the theme options) or the custom.css file in the css folder of your theme files: .sidebar .inner_sidebar {
    padding-left: 0px;

    Depending on what else you want, you can target the individual items with the same css followed by the individual selector. Example for the H1 title: .sidebar .inner_sidebar h1 {




    Hi Devin,

    Sorry about semi-hijacking Ashley’s thread. It seemed such a similar topic, I thought keeping the questions under one thread would be better for other users who are looking for the same solution.

    Your 2 fixes worked perfectly! I was careless to leave dummy content widgets active….. silly me.

    In future I will create a new topic.

    Many thanks,




    Glad it is fixed. :)



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