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    Hi Kriei tech support:

    I’m trying to force all site thumbnails using the Choices theme to ONLY display grayscale thumbnails in all areas of the site. Is there a central place to edit that would make that easy?….(it looks like functions.php starting on line 65 may be the target?….several lines have ‘copy’=>’greyscale’ after their sizing information in the array…)

    For example, my client loves the grayscale thumbnails that appear in the portfolio areas. But, then the same thumbnail grid in “Related Entries” that appears under each portfolio entry uses color thumbnails and I would prefer that they not compete with the big portfolio images of the current project above them….





    Try adding ‘copy’=>’greyscale’ to additional image definitions in functions.php. Just be aware that you will need to reupload the images in order to generate the greyscale. You can try regenerating the images, but if there aren’t too many of them , it would be better to just reupload them




    Hi Nick:

    Sorry the delay, but I just got around to trying this again. It did not work. I added the “copy=>greyscale” to all the other available listed images in functions.php near line 65, and then used the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate the whole database of images…..

    It’s the “Related Entries” thumbnails when you’re viewing any given Portfolio Item entry page that remain in color….those are the ones I’d like to convert to black-and-white (until a rollover, when they turn to color by default everywhere else)….

    Any other ideas?




    Can you try uploading a brand new image just to test because sometimes low wordpress memory prevents the regeneration from taking place though nothing is shown to make the user aware that it didn’t work.

    Also are you using the latest version of the theme since for me using version 1.7 , , its line 79 that has the slider_thumb image size defines in functions.php

    Do you have a url where I may look, you can mask it with



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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