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    Hi, loving the theme, and using it on a new blog my wife and i are setting up. Just one question so far.

    When I add a caption to the images so they display on the slideshow I don;t seem to be able to use apostrophes ( ‘ ), the text will just cut off at the first one.


    The sentence ” This is from Linda’s blog ” will display simply as ” This is from Linda “

    Obviously the ‘ is being interpreted as an instruction.. not sure if this is a theme problem, or just a general thing with WordPress that I haven’t come across before.



    Apostrophes ( ‘ ) are used in PHP code and having them as part of the text content can cause problems as it stops the script at that point. In some cases, this would cause a Parse Error to occur and you’d get a white screen instead of the page loading.

    Try adding a backslash ( ) before the character (in PHP code that’s how you force an apostrophe to appear in an echo (print to screen) statement which removes the conflict with the code.

    If this doesn’t work can you point me to a page where this problem occurs, I’ll have a look at the underlying code and see if I can help.



    Still not working for me. Check out the 5th image on this page:


    Try to use & #39; or & apos; (without space between & and # or & and a) instead of an apostrophe ( ‘ ).


    & #39 is a winner. Thank you very much :)


    Glad that I could help.



    this may sort the problem for apostrophes, but what about the é, è à ù etc…

    where can i find a list of the replacement codes for these ?

    btw : I’m trying to sort this out for Propulsion, maybe there is another trick for that them ?

    thanks for advising.

    many thanks




    a list can be found here:


    Hi Dude,

    thanks, that was very helpful and it worked.

    Would be nice to include a correction of that problem on a wishlist for upcoming theme though.



    We’ll see what we can do but it’s a WP core issue (not a theme issue) and probably a fix is not possible without hacking the core files.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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