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    I found out how to replace some icons in the bought brightbox-theme.

    Now, I’ve found some sites where you can download icon-groups most of the time ‘for private and non-commercial use’.

    What is meant with non-commercial use?

    For pictures it means you can use it on your (business-related) site, but for example you can’t print them on a t-shirt to sell.

    What is meant here for the icons? Can I download them and use them on my business site or not?

    Thanks for your answer already!



    I can’t state with certainty what the site means since it’s often the case they’re using some small lettering. You’ll have to read through the copyright notices of your site. We are in no way responsible for any images you use on your site other than the ones that came with the theme. You can check this


    Hi, this is the answer I got from one of the sellers (but maybe just everytime check the license info…)

    Greets & thanks for the answer.


    That means that you can’t use the icons on commercial websites, you need to buy a license to use them. Unless is a website of a non-profit organization

    Thank you for your message.


    Actually there is no “universal” answer to this question because laws and provisions may vary from country to country. In Austria (and imho in the EU) commercial websites are websites which:

    1) are used for e-commerce (any kind like selling memberships, products, services, digital goods, etc.)

    2) or which are used for business representations of any kind (i.e. the website of my parents represents their shop/buisness but they don’t offer any products or e-commerce services – nevertheless it’s a commercial website)

    3) and websites with ads and/or affiliates are commercial websites (maybe there’s an exception for ads which finance the website only without a view to profit – I’m not sure…).

    Non-commercial websites offer private content only (i.e. blog, cooking recipes, private images, etc.). Because non-profit organizations can run business websites too the author pointed out that they don’t need to pay license fees at all.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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