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    I’ve setup my homepage with a dynamic template, which works fine.

    I want to use a 3rd party slider (royalslider) to replace the standard one. This to works fine by using the shortcode in the template builder.

    BUT….I want to make the slider have full browser width, so it scales with the scree/browser size.

    The remaining content (from the dynamic elements) should still stay at default (930px?) width.

    Is this clear? so i want to use show the royal slider above the dynamic elements, and in full browser width. to achieve this, this element should be on top of the main content. I have tried doing this with a seperate template, with simply the slider above the content loop. but…..the dynamic template always overrides any and all content from the page, and ignores my new template i choose under page attributes.

    so like this:

    [dynamic element 1, fixed default width]

    [dynamic element 2, fixed default width]

    [dynamic element 3, fixed default width]

    Please help me with this, I have been trying for a few hours now.


    any idea?


    Hi timtoolman,

    You would probably find it easier, if you are already making a custom page template, to just insert the html output from a dynamic template into the page.

    So create your dynamic template except for the custom slider plugin, then copy and paste the content it outputs. It won’t work if you are trying to include looped content (other posts etc) but its a good start which you could then build upon to construct your own page template.

    Alternatively, you can go through includes>helper-templates.php and pick out the functions for the various dynamic elements and attempt to build a page template that way.




    thanks, so basically i can copy the relevant functions (or all?) from the helper file to my template file, then add the slilder code on top (outside) the main container div. THen i can control the contents through the template builder?


    No, this won’t work because the template builder functions just return the cached content based on given parameters. You can use the html/php code within the functions though to build your own template. Basically only the html/div structure is important and the code which retrieves the slideshow images.


    thanks for your reply.

    as you can see here:


    I have managed to get the slider working. however, the buttons and partners below it are just a dummy jpeg for now.

    what i want is that those are working and can be set/changed through the template builder, how do i achieve this? i cant just copy paste generated html, ofcourse that would work…but is not very handy in maintenance.

    I can get it working with a standard page content, but ofcourse then i cant use the partners logos.

    is there any way maybe i can retrieve the content of a specific dynamic template maybe? then i could call that output, which can be managed through back-end.


    yes! i’ve done it.

    it was so simple, really.

    what i did was:

    1. duplicate the template-dynamic.php file

    2. renamed it to template-home.php

    3. put “Template Name: Home+slider+dynamic”, in the comment are on top (between the /* and */)

    4. added the code to get the slider right under

    <!– ####### MAIN CONTAINER ####### –>

    <div class=’container_wrap <?php echo $avia_config; ?>’ id=’main’>

    so it became:

    <!– ####### MAIN CONTAINER ####### –>

    <div class=’container_wrap <?php echo $avia_config; ?>’ id=’main’>

    <?php echo get_royalslider(1); ?>

    (remember to use the correct ID of the slider)

    5. saved the new template file

    6. choose this template within the page attribute box of the page I display as home

    7. also, set layout to dynamic template/Frontpage in the layout box (the Frontpage is the name of the template i made in the template builder)

    thats it. now it shows the full width slider (outside the main container where alle dynamic elements are placed).

    hopefully,this helps anyone wanting to use the royalslider in this theme. If you want to combine it with a standard, non dynamic page, then you’d basically do the same, except then start with the page.php as a basis.


    Glad you found a good working way to achieve that! I hadn’t thought of that direction so I’m glad you continued to search for something that worked for you :)

    We don’t always have all the perfect answers with how busy support is and all of the huge possible questions we go through each day so I’ll just add this to my list of thing to remember. Really appreciate you posting your final results!



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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