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    Can I use the AviaSlider on a different site without the Avisio theme?

    Which files do I have to copy?


    Please buy AviaSlider standalone if you want to use it for a different project – Link:

    The Dude


    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I should have guessed that before asking the question.

    I just purchased it.


    Very simple question in order to get started:

    I want to use the AviaSlider inside WordPress pages

    1. Into which directory I have to copy the downloaded files?

    2. Which code do I have to copy into the WordPress page to show the slider?


    1)You can upload these files to any directory you like – you just need to adjust the source path to the javascript files.

    2) In your download package you’ll find a document which describes step by step how to implement AviaSlider on a webpage. It’s not a WordPress plugin, so you need to hardcode your image paths or work with custom meta values. You can also copy & paste source code from Avisio to implement AviaSlider – but I’m sorry I can’t do this work for you. We are here to help people with certain questions but can’t do the whole work for them.

    The Dude


    Hi Dude,

    I have purchased both Avisio and the AviaSlider.

    Can you help me to implement AviaSlider in the Avisio theme so I can use the AviaSlider on single pages?



    You can use shortcodes to implement slideshows in avisio – here you can see some examples:

    If you want to use Aviaslider for fullwidth slideshows like on the front page (fullwidth slideshow on the top of the page) there’s quite a lot of work needed, which I can’t provide for free.

    The Dude


    That’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks a lot!


    Glad that I could help you.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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