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    I’m using <nextpage> in my posts to split them in few pages.

    Like here:


    The number of pages are showing at the top and at he bottom of page. One at the top mess the alignement.

    How to show pages links only at the bottom?


    i forgot to open the site. Now it’s ok




    and btw – where can i change thier look? are they css dependent?


    dude where are u?



    To activate the nextpage feature you need to replace following code in single.php, page.php and template_fullwidth.php:

    <!--end entry-content-->


    <?php wp_link_pages('before=<p>&after=</p>&next_or_number=number&pagelink=page %') ?>
    <!--end entry-content-->

    Not sure why the nextpage links appear on your website (maybe plugin code?) but our template doesn’t include this code by default.


    the problem is totaly different

    PAGES number are OK


    The number of pages are showing AT THE TOP and AT THE BOTTOM of page. One at the top mess the alignment.

    How to show pages links ONLY AT THE BOTTOM?

    it the post edit i just put <–nextpage–>


    As far as I know wordpress doesn’t add any code automatically to the posts but you need to include the code I’ve given you above (otherwise the nextpage shortcode won’t work. However our theme doesn’t include this code (and doesn’t support the nextpage shortcode) by default. Something else causes that the “number of pages are showing AT THE TOP and AT THE BOTTOM of page”. The navigation isn’t wrapped into a div/element with a specific class so we can’t hide it with css too. You need to find the code/plugin which outputs the links otherwise you can’t remove the top navigation. Again the output (top and bottom navigation) isn’t caused by our theme.


    ok, right sorry – i forgot to mention that i installed the plugin which adds the <–nexpage–> button function in the post editor. Plugin is really simple – Easy Multiple Pages –

    when i use <?php wp_link_pages(); ?> the number of the pages are showing to low – and wherever i place this function it’s always to low.

    So i would like to stick with plugin but need to find out why the page links is double.

    Plugin has one .php file and one .js file -> where should i look for the cause of the problem -> in the script or in the php?


    I can’t get the plugin in to work properly too. You need to use the solution I posted above. Not sure why it doesn’t work but it seems like the filter is applied several times.


    ok, i’ll figur sth out



    Glad that I could help you :)

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