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    I was just attempting to change the height of the slider on the main page by adjusting the theme code following this thread (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -of-images-on#post-47278

    I also added the ‘crop’=>true after altering the ‘height’ to =>250 on this line

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>930, ‘height’=>340); // images for fullsize pages and fullsize slider

    Then saved changes and the wp-admin page came up blank? Now the site has also disappeared completely? All I get are white pages?

    Client is currently on phone very unhappy and I can’t even login to admin panel to remove my changes?? Please help! How do I get my admin panel back?




    Please use a ftp client like filezilla to access the theme files (wp-content/themes/propulsion). Download functions.php and post the code by using a service like:




    Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the quick reply. I can’t actually access my site? gives me a completely blank page. I have finished the site (sorry I’m new to web developing and wordpress – this is website number 2!) and now very worried I’ve lost everything. How do I get my site back?



    OK, so I have now pasted the code into paste bin and removed the changes I made. Now how do I get this code back into the ftp? Sorry I really am a noob!


    Right, stumbled through it but figured it out thanks to text edit and mac’s being intelligent bloody things! Thanks Peter for your advice. For anyone else new like me struggling with this, I managed to use Cyberduck and found the file, opened and edited in textedit then saved a version. Somehow the Mac knew I wanted to update the file through the ftp and did it for me…boom! Problem solved. Client relieved.


    Glad you were able to figure it out :)




    I recently added the Woo Commerce plugin and also tried to update the slider with new photos. I stepped away from the computer for a second and when I returned, my site ( was completely down and only shows an error message. I tried to undo what was uploaded and could not even login ( Any thoughts on how I can get to a working login page and how I can get my site looking how it was before?


    Hi AgentLotus,

    I’m not familiar with the error on your site:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method avia_dynamic_template::columns_helper_() in /homepages/44/d376656399/htdocs/site/wp-content/themes/abundance/includes/helper-templates.php on line 895

    Try to login here:

    and undo the things you have done before the error, and if it still doesn’t work, try to disable all plugins.




    Hi Ismael,

    I went to that link but am unable to login. We had to assign a new database and the site is back up again. Unfortunately, it reverted to the last saved back up which happened before I uploaded the Abundance theme. :(

    I really appreciate the prompt support.


    Glad that Ismael set you back on track



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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