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    Hi – we have a site that uses the CleanCut theme. The slider works fine in all browsers with the exception of IE9. We also had to utilize a meta tag to force compatability mode in order for the text below the slider to appear and for the button to show the text. (Although the text positioning is messed up in IE9 too!)

    I notice that another user has had the same problem :- (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -getting-urgent

    I love your themes and have purchased a number of them, but this is really causing me problems – is there a fix please?

    (website url:



    Hi hmuscroft,

    Have you made any adjustments to the theme files in any other way? The default installation of the theme doesn’t have any issues so I’m wondering if there is a plugin conflict or a customization that has been made that is causing the issue.

    The other thread on the issue noted that it only appears to not work in IE9 32bit so they may or may not be related.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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