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    This is the weirdest thing – after I’ve moved the site, none of the dynamic templated pages’ content display. The content is 100% in tact in the backend but doesn’t show up on the live site. Everything else displays fine – navigation, breadcrumb, footer etc, but the actual page content is just missing.

    Also, after I’ve moved the site, all the Theme Options went missing too – it just went back to default.

    Urgent help appreciated!!!



    we know that some servers cause problems when you try to move the theme settings/dynamic template data. We couldn’t reproduce the problem yet but we investigate it. You can reset the theme settings (but you need to configure the all options/dynamic templates again) or you can try plugins like: or or – users reported that these plugins restore the database without problems.


    Okay, I got the dynamic template content showing but that was only because I redid all the dynamic template options in the back-end. The site has to be moved again today and I don’t want everything to go missing again. Please assist, thanks.


    Ah, sorry, only saw your reply now. Mmm. Okay, will try these.


    Hello there,

    I don’t know wether this is a new topic or if it is part of this discussion: When I use a dynamic template there is no content in the page area. It seems to me that ther should be some shortcodes. Also I can’t find a shortcode for the callout button, can this only be configured in the dynamic template?

    Thanks, Erik


    Yes – dynamic templates won’t display any post content unless you add the “page/post content” element to a template.



    Just had a very similar situation. Just attached a domain name to my site and used this approach to implement the new domain name “”

    After the update all dynamic-templates are there but with some very different choices to the options I chose originally.

    All theme options have been reset to default. From the logo to the colors and fonts, all reset.

    All content is still visible in the admin area, but only the pages NOT built with dynamic templates are ok (except for the theme options)

    I’ve clearly made an error, could you post a check list for the theme when it comes to updating Domain names…

    After a bit of swearing, thought I’d ask, where would my options be or have they been overwritten by the theme when the domain name changed?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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