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    I’ve installed a vanilla WP 3.0 (as this is the last version stated as supported on themeforest), and a fresh copy of the avia feedback plugin, and I still can’t get it to function consistently.

    The plugin is set to allow everyone to post a suggestion, 5 votes each.

    1) When you add an entry and use up your votes, you can no longer add a new entry (the button disappears). However, as far as I can tell, new topics don’t take up 1 of your votes, so why can’t you continue to add new ideas? Fyi, when you refresh the page on a mobile device, the add entry button reappears, in a browser it does not.

    2) We’ve used up our votes 4 times (x 5 each), so it should display 20 beside the available suggestions. Instead, it shows 17? What’s happened to the missing 3 votes?

    Again, this is 100% a fresh installation, using the default WP theme, so there should be no conflicts etc. This just doesn’t work out of the box.

    Please can you take a look asap and let me know what’s wrong with this?:






    1.) This looks like a bug, I’ll feed this back to Kriesi.

    2.) I’ve no idea where the missing 3 votes are, however bear in mind that this process runs through AJAX so if the page is reloaded or you navigate away in the split second after clicking vote before the counter has updated this may not register.

    I’ve had a look over the site and added some votes without any problems in them appearing correctly (although I agree that the New Entry button disappears which shouldn’t).

    I uploaded a video of how I see the site and the voting process, once it is available (Vimeo takes around 30 minutes to process it) you can find it here: http://vimeo.com/22068837




    It’s been nearly a week and obviously we can’t use this – could you let me know what’s happening ?



    I’m gonna have to go on codecanyon and rate this file a 1*; it doesn’t work out of the box, and support is almost non-existant. Others need to be warded away from purchasing it.



    Still no update on this?




    I’ve reported this as a bug, sometimes it takes time to resolve these things and may involve significant portions of the script being rewritten.

    I appreciate that this bug is causing some frustration, but essentially the system does work. Active support is not a requirement of Code Canyon / Theme Forest, this service is provided free of charge so I’m sorry you feel that our “support is almost non-existant”.



    I appreciate it may take time to resolve – but a month with no update at all?

    I disagree with you, the system doesn’t essentially work, because users can’t submit new ideas (the most important function of the script) – the button to submit ideas DISAPPEARS as outlined above. Therefore the file doesn’t work and this isn’t straightforward support – this is asking for the file to work as it should.

    I don’t expect free support when I’m trying to modify the script or use it in an abnormal way – but i DO expect support for a file that contains bugs.

    When can a resolution be expected? If there’s no intention to fix the script in the near future, it should be removed from CodeCanyon.



    I reported this thread to Kriesi again and asked him for a quick solution.


    Thanks – looking forward to a solution,



    Hey! I got bad news, the behaviour of removing the “suggest new” button is intended. My thought was that users should be able to add new suggestions as long as they didnt vote. however you can change this behaviour with only a few modifications:

    in feedbackbox.js change line 156 from




    and in html_output.php remove the if statement from line 29:


    if($user->voting_allowed ) $feedbackHTML .= "Add Entryn";


    $feedbackHTML .= "Add Entryn";

    Last but not least change the following line in index.php:

    line 196 should read:
    if(isset($_POST) || (isset($_POST) && $_POST == "submitFeedback"))

    line 225 should read:
    if(!$error )

    This should also fix the mobile phone error you are encountering (which btw I was unable to reproduce with my iphone) and allow users to add new suggestions regardless of their votes.

    As for the problem with vanishing votes: I wasnt able to reproduce this either, but I guess James is right on this one, since its an ajax request it probably can happen. On your site it worked perfectl fine for me. i rapidly cast 20 votes, 10 on my mobile and 10 on my desktop and all appeard as intended. I will take a look into it and do some further testing, not sure if I can come up with a satisfying solution as long as I am not able to reproduce the error.

    If you tell me what you did to “lose” those 3 votes it could help me speed up the investigation :)


    Many thanks for the response – that’s great. I’ll try this out after the weekend & let you know how it goes :).

    Thanks again,


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