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    I recently uploaded your theme. The problem I am having is a default “home” button on the nav bar. It is not shown in the pages menu. I am not using the MegaMenu. I am unable to assign FrontPage settings from the Upscale menu theme options as it does not appear in the pages section. And as it does not appear, I am unable to delete it. And if I add a “Home” page under pages, then I have two “Home” pages on the menu bar.

    Here is the link:



    you can create a custom menu (Appearance > Menu). The menu builder allows you to add custom links (i.e. custom home link or external links), pages and categories, etc.

    In your case I’d create a “custom link” on the left side. Call it “Home” and enter the main url of your website as link target. If the user clicks on “Home” he’ll get to your frontpage/homepage.


    OK. Thanks. I use this work around. I am still curious as why it has a home page that I cannot see or edit though.




    It’s too complex to explain everything in detail however the reason is that the homepage is build with a custom query and WP doesn’t know that you’re on a single page.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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