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    Is there a way I can remove the ghosted second duplicate image from the slider and use a png with it’s transparency, no border?



    to remove the image follow the instructions here:

    If you want to include a static png just replace:

    $image2  = '<div class="featured_shadow">'.$image_string.'</div>';


    $image2  = '<div class="featured_shadow"><img alt="" title="" src="" style="opacity: 1; visibility: visible; display: block;"></div>';


    I see how to remove the double image, got that part. Now I’m trying to use PNGs with their transparency(no background, no border, no shadow, in place of the slideshow JPGs. I want all the images in my slide show to have no frame just the object. I added a PNG W/transp to the slideshow and it ignored the transparency. and made it a solid picture. It’s also cropping some images. Can I make the size a little larger. Now that I’ve removed the second image I want to make the image larger w/transparency of course. I’ve been going through the helper-slideshow and I see this on line 137 $image_size = ‘portrait’ for small left or right, but can’t find a var for size.

    Thanks for your help Dude.


    I found the shadow and the background in the style.css, gotta love Firebug. Now I just need to find out how to resize the crop. Is it just calculating the first images size and the cropping every subsequent image to match?


    I was able to set the images div width wider in the styles.css, but when I import my W480px image in imports a bunch of different sizes with different crops and uses one of the cropped image instead of the full width one.



    Agreed, Firebug is awesome! That’s how most of the requests we get are handled.

    The image sizes are defined in functions.php and can be modified here if required. Bear in mind that making any changes won’t affect existing images and you’ll need to use the WP Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to modify the existing images to their new sizes.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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