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    I just updated my site to WP 3.6 and Upscale 1.5. After doing that, all my custom sidebar and footer widgets are gone. The ones remaining are the default ones.

    I had a pretty customized set of widgets on both sidebars and footer, so it will take me a while to set it back to my customized setup.

    Please help.



    The widgets are saved in the database and wp probably deleted the widget/sidebar data. You can try to restore the database if you’ve made a backup (sql file) of the database in the past. You can use tools like phpmyadmin to import the sql file. If you didn’t make a backup there’s basically no chance to recover the widgets. I’d recommend to install a plugin like: to avoid this problem in the future.


    Thanks for your reply, I do have a database weekly backup, so I can try that.

    Why would WP delete just the widgets data?

    Never happened before with an update, so it took me by surprise.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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