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    Hi Kriesi

    I Just want to say we LOVE the Levitation theme, very classy and simple to use, BUT my tech people are having some problems, can you please help?

    Uploading the main logo is complicated (this has to be done via our web host if I understand correctly?), and, when we do so, seems to mess up the background colour when we select the light grey option (see

    I’d be glad of your advice: I’m itching to put the theme live on our main site, but can’t do until this is resolved, having the company logo in the right place is so important.

    Also, may I please ask, is the theme meant to be responsive? It doesn’t seem to be on android ‘phones at least,

    kindly confirm.

    Ian McGregor

    Chief Executive




    1.) I can’t see your logo. Did you replace the logo.png on skin3 folder?

    2.) Levitation is not responsive and a little bit old for WordPress. Please check out the latest themes like Enfold and Replete.



Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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