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    Hello There,

    Good theme, I am enjoying it, one small problem: every time I install newer version of the theme I need to do over some changes, because initially I have done lots of modification, is there a number of files which are supposed to be changed, and I can leave rest of the files old, like for example change functions.php, include_framework.php and timthumb.php(I used these particular files randomly, as an example only) and i can keep all others from before. Currently I am using Display v. 2.0.2. and WordPress 3.1.3. Please if you can answer as soon as you can, I need to update theme and WP. Thanks.

    Best regards




    yes, every new theme version comes with a version.rtf – in this file there’s a list of files that have been modified.


    Hello Chris,

    Thanks a ton!!!

    Good help, very quickly. Perfect.

    Best regards



    Glad that I could help :)


    Ok Chris;

    But: as upgrade?

    Overwrite the theme?

    What is the correct process?




    You can either overwrite the entire theme folder (if you haven’t made any adjustments earlier) OR you can check the version.rtf to see which files need to be replaced specifically (from your version to the newest one).


    sorry I had the same question: when upgrading, is there a way to preserve the theme settings? not modifications on the files, just the admin panel settings!


    Hi evermore,

    All theme settings are saved in the WordPress database and so will not be affected by the theme files getting updated. As long as the theme has the same name, the settings stay put.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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