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    *note that I’ve replaced Peacemaker with a working slider for now.

    So, I just went from GoDaddy’s “Shared Hosting – Linux” package to their new “Managed – WordPress” package and the migration went fine. The Abundance theme is working perfectly. But my Peacemaker 3D slider on the home page was not showing up. All of the other slider options work just fine.

    I downloaded the newest version of Abundance from theme forest, but when I tried to install the zip file I got an error, failed to install theme, because the directory already existed. I didn’t want to mess too much with installing a new version of the theme because I’ve done some modifications to many pages and didn’t want to lose my work I’ve done. I didm’;t know if I would lose customizations I’ve made to certain pages.

    I would love to work with someone who could take aloof after I re-activate 3D Peacemaker, so they can take a look at my home page and maybe tell why it will into show up. The page loads fine, but there is just a large blank spot where the slider should be.

    Please contact me anytime, and I will reactivate the slider for your review.


    I should note that when I view the Abundance theme on your site and/or theme forest, the 3D Peacemaker plays just fine. Not sure if that helps.



    Create a template with a 3D slider and put that on a test Page permanently so we can take a look.

    Best regards,



    Thanks so much for your prompt response!



    The problem is that there is no data associated with that slider, this is the XML that is loaded but it’s empty:

    Try redoing the Peacemaker slider.



    Unfortunately, I have no idea what you mean by “re-doing the piece maker slider”.

    I just created a brand new page “test” and added the images and links to it, and it didn’t work. Was that not “re-doing” it? Is there something else I need to do to “re-do” it?



    Can you create an administrator account and post it here as a private reply?



    Do you mean re-copy the piecemaker files from the Abundance folder I downloaded from theme forest, back onto the go daddy server?


    sure, hold on.

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    Could you please update your theme to the latest version of Abundance (1.9)?

    Best regards,


    That’s part opt my problem. If I go to Dashboard/Updates/Themes, it says my themes are all up to date.
    I’ve downloaded the newest version of Abundance from themefroest and tried to install it as a new theme and it errored and said the directory already existed.
    I can’t figure out how to update it any other way. What am I missing?



    Do it via FTP, use this video as a reference:



    I am running through the version.txt to update the files now. I’ll let you know when it’s complete. Thanks!

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    I have just created a new test page: /test2

    Thinking that something may be different now that the theme is updated. 3D Piecemaker still does not work.


    Any news?



    It looks like one of the active plugins is causing a conflict with the slider. I don’t know which one but I can’t see anything else that might be causing it not to work.


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    It seems like your server fails to generate the xml file for the slider. Normally it should look like: but in your case the xml file doesn’t contain any content. I’m not sure why the xml generation doesn’t work though. Maybe try to create another entry and configure a new slider and check if the slider works then. If not I’m pretty sure the server configuration causes the issue especially if it worked before you upgraded your server/host plan.


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