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    I upgraded my Replete theme and WordPress to 3.6, but my homepage slider still isn’t working, here is the site http://www.TailoredbyStephenB.com (using the latest version of Google Chrome).

    Here are the files that I upgraded (according to another thread):

    “Yes, Kriesi released v1.5 yesterday but he forgot to update the change log file too. You need to replace the entire framework folder, the replete/config-woocommerce/ folder, the version number in style.css increased to 1.5, the css/layout.css file, replete/functions.php, replete/sidebar.php and replete/js/aviapoly2.js. “


    Download the files from theme forest again, then read the upgrade file, you have to replace the framework folder with newer version , that solved my slider issue



    Please remove browser cache then reload the page. It should fix all the slider issues when upgrading to WordPress 3.6. If you have a caching plugin, please flush the settings to see the changes.




    That didn’t work. The problem with the slider seems to only be with Chrome. It works fine on IE and Firefox.


    Hi montanayank,

    If you are having the same issue with your Replete theme site we’ll need to see the site live. So far the update has fixed all slideshow issues for everyone though it does take some time for your cache to reflect the update depending on settings.




    Hello. I have the very same problem and can’t seem to fix it.




    Please update your theme to version 1.5. You’re using 1.4 at the moment.

    Best regards,



    Thanks Peter. WP says my theme is up to date.. strange… I will investigate further. Many thanks for the quick response


    OK, it was not up to date but I have now updated and the problem remains. I’ve dumped the cache and tried multiple browsers. Ideas?


    Oky doky.. all is well… Redumped the cache and voila… cheers

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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