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    Is there a change log somewhere? I noticed on themeforest that the theme might have been updated since I purchased it. How do I know if mine needs to be updated? Is there an automatic updater anywhere, or can you tell me what the best way to update the theme is?

    Thanks and happy new year!



    the latest version of Abundance is version 1.2, last updated on 20/12/2011. You can always download the latest version through ThemeForest & a version.rtf file is included with all the latest updates.


    ah, thank you. So I have to manually update certain files only? What about folders? The woocommerce folder change verbiage has me a little confused…. Thanks and happy new year!


    Hi Chris, if I download the latest version and activate it on my blog, will the previous settings and work will be kept? As it’s not the case if you upload the demo shop after you begin your set up…





    updating the theme shouldn’t interfere with previous database entries so your shop plugin settings should remain as they are, though I believe things set through your Theme Options panel will have to be set up again if you completely uninstall your theme and reinstall it. You can also download the new theme version and check the version.rtf on what’s been updated, then just replace these files – you won’t lose settings this way.



    Thanks Crhis, I’ll wait a bit till I know a bit more of all this then …

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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