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    I have upgraded manually on and now my right and left sidebars are completely wrong.

    Settings in ‘appearance, widgets’

    ‘displayed everywhere right’ has:

    Events Calendar (title: Where I’ll be)

    Text (title: have a good read) (this is Amazon ads)

    Links (title: other places you might like)

    but what I’ve got is

    Pages: Lists every single page on the site

    Categories: news etc

    Archives: archive list

    and ‘sidebar pages left’ has

    Text (title: or how about) – Google Ads

    but these aren’t showing at all, it’s as if there’s no widget there at all

    Should I just change back all the stuff I changed before and replace with the previous version files which are still on my pc or do you have a different solution for me?

    and I don’t know where that is coming from! It was all behaving fine before the upgrade

    please can you help?



    Hi fellfromgrace,

    Can you try making a change to the widget areas and saving (for each).




    I don’t really know what you mean. I have already tried putting the widgets back in but it doesn’t work. I am not quite sure what changes you want me to make to the widget area. I can’t take out the ‘pages’ in the right hand area for example because it isn’t IN there (so no reason for it to be displaying as there is nothing like that in the widget area) – what IS in there is Events Calendar (title: Where I’ll be)

    Text (title: have a good read) (this is Amazon ads)

    Links (title: other places you might like)

    but they are not showing up.

    I don’t know what to do as this looks really terrble and is only since the upgrade.

    Well I have added ‘Categories’ to the left hand sidebar but (of course) it isn’t showing up! (not that I want it there, it’s just to illustrate the problem)


    Can you send me login details to DevinVinson (at) You can just create a temporary admin account and remove it afterwards.


    hI Devin, I’ve got WordPress to send you it automatically so you should get it soon, thanks


    Hi fellfromgrace,

    I’m guessing that one (or more) of the plugins installed and active is causing the issues. Perhaps even some of the plugins together.

    My suggestion is to just deactivate all plugins at once, go through and make sure your theme settings are correct then re-activate them one by one. With 27 active plugins doing all different functions, it really could be any of combination.

    I’m not comfortable deactivating plugins on others sites so unfortunately that part will be left up to you :)




    Ok Devin I’ll give it another go …


    Hi Devin, have now disabled all plugins and the problem is still there but compounded by also having the left sidebar problem of protruding over the main text box back again.

    As am testing out for the heading size thing as well, I will be re-enabling one at a time again but will keep the copyright pro disabled at all times whilst support ongoing.



    Hi Again, I have now got the left sidebar in the right place thanks to the snippet of code provided by Peter to set it to the left, important. BUT the main problem is still there. I have been through the deactivate-reactivate one at a time twice now and doesn’t matter what, I can’t get the widgets back. Even with absolutely NO plugins at all activated, the problem is still there. It’s take a couple of hours at least to do this and I am now fairly desperate as sie is looking a bit rubbish now. Should I just replace all the updated theme files with the old ones and leave it how it was? I cant’ think of anything else to do ….


    That may be the best option for now. Its hard to say what is causing the issue with the symptoms so far. I’ll check with the other support crew to see if they know of something that could cause the widget settings to seemingly not take effect like this.




    Hi Devin, just to update you – I have now removed EVERYTHING from the sidebars but …. it’s still there – not the stuff I wanted in there but still the stuff I don’t want … this is just weird and really really annoying, I have spent all day looking at new themes as I am so discouraged with this one .

    I have now gone back to the old files (pre theme update) but nothing is changed – Site is a complete mess. I have gone back to the pre update files but it makes no difference – it is just horrible – I just don’t know what to do next ….


    I just seem to have found the solution whist trying out about 9 other themes.To make a long story short – it was the About Page I think. I deleted it completely and added a new one and guess what – its working! I only can’t get the Tilt social share widget to show up but that’s a small price to pay, I’ll fnd something else ….now, do I dare update the theme again?


    Great!! Widgets are…a little weird sometimes to be honest. The way they are done in wordpress can cause some funky issues. We had at least two of the support staff try and figure out what was going on by the way so I’m really glad it was something fixable.


    thanks … just wish it had clicked with me earlier to try deleting that page but it was only when I found in another theme that the sidebar wouldn’t work on ONLY that page that I had the idea. Glad it works again as I coudn’t find anything else that was anywhee near as good! :-D


    Definitely! Let us know if you have any other issues! I’m going to close this thread and mark it as resolved (yay!)

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