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    How can I upgrade from version 1.2 to version 2.2 (current) without breaking my website?
    I have a child theme in place, but when I tried to do a manual upgrade I lost all my configuration for my website.


    Hey twohumans!

    You should not be losing any settings. Did you rename the theme folder by chance?

    Best regards,


    Yes I did…
    Can you point me to how I can do the upgrade. I was under the impression I had to copy the files after renaming the theme folder. I guess I was wrong…



    Hmm, in this case the options are saved under a different name so they will be lost when you update. This would not be a problem with Enfold as you can export the settings but Corona does not have that feature. What I would do is just make a note of your settings and set them again after the update.

    Best regards,


    Ok thanks for this and btw I also have used Enfold in another project.
    I’ll take a last stab at it… Is there a file or files that I can copy to the new theme folder from the old theme folder to save the settings to save me from a manual setup?
    Tx again


    Just to add to my previous message if the setting file(s) can be identified can they be placed in the child theme folder?



    The settings are saved in the database so you don’t have to worry about it. Aside from renaming the folder, did you add or modify any files inside the theme folder? If not, you can override the theme files via FTP.

    Best regards,


    Ok here is what I did.
    1- I renamed the theme folder corona-old
    2- uploaded the updated theme folder
    3- when I saw that I lost the settings, I erased the new theme folder and rename back the old theme to the previous name, everything came back as it was.

    Yes I have full access including ftp
    No I did not change anything else.
    I have a child theme in there, and I would hope that the developer I inherited this site from used it for all his changes. But I cannot be sure since I don’t see that he has the good practice to document his work.

    PS this way of communicating is very slow, can you point me to your upgrade process, and please make sure the answer you are giving me are not in conflict : on July 3 you wrote that the setting were in the theme folder, now they are in the database…



    did you save your custom code in Quick CSS field and custom.css file and implemented it to the new installation as well? You might need to ask your developer about any customizations he did, because you need to copy them to your new installation.



    OK guys, I know you are meaning well but you are not helping much. What I am understanding is that I will have to note all the changes that were made and reconfigure the upgraded version because you don’t have a solid upgrade process and because you have not implemented your theme in a way that the changes are separated form your code – even if I have a child theme in place. Fine. Thank you for your help. I spent more time trying to get help then it will take to reconfigure. So we will stop this here. I’ll be back if I can’t figure something.
    And I repeat: answering 24h or more after a reply doesn’t work in real life. I lost more then a week of back and forth with you. I’ve got a live web site that need repair now – not in a week and I manage about other 75 web sites currently that also need my attention. Your method of support is just not working for me.



    You misunderstood. The settings are always saved in the database but if you renamed the theme folder they are saved under a different name in the database. It’s the same thing if your using a child theme, the settings are saved under a different name so you will need to reconfigure them after activating a child theme.

    So to recap, yes, you will need to reconfigure your settings again after updating. It’s because you have renamed the theme folder.

    Let us know if you have any other questions.


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