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    I need to upgrade to the latest version.

    If i simply upload the flaslight folder will all of my settings regarding menus and layouts be preserved ?





    Yes, they will be preserved. Try to backup your database and theme files before doing so.




    Ok, I just did the upgrade from 1.2 to 1.8 and my blog page layout has changed, previously the page showed imaged from the blog posts … now it just shows text :(

    help please !


    I just uploaded my backup from 1.2 into a separate dir and activated and its definitely different …. on the blog page images show and I see a very different sidebar (latest tweets) where as on the 1.8 i see a sidebar with category archive etc …



    You can edit your sidebar widgets on Appearance > Widgets.




    That does really help though Ismael as this is also a problem with the way the blog posts are displayed …. ?



    What do you mean? Would you like to have a different set of widgets on the Blog page sidebar? You can visit Flashlight > Theme Options > Sidebar > Select a PAGE that should receive a new widget area:. Add a widget area for the Blog page then go to Appearance > Widgets and add widgets on the Blog Widget Area.

    Is this what you want?




    I think your missing the point, the upgrade is supposed to be seamless ?

    The way my blog posts are presented is totally screwed up ….

    Please see before and after screen shots:

    BEFORE – http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/811/beforesz.jpg/

    AFTER – http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/14/afternu.jpg/

    As you can see, they layout blog format and even the font is changing :(



    Sorry for the problems you are having. The difference between versions 1.1.2 and 1.7, is significant , including a complete update of the framework. Looking at your images, its possible that you also had modified the template files to customize your theme and since the update overwrote the old files, the customizations disappeared as well. Please consider creating a child theme to make your modiifications, thereby never having to touch the main parent theme for easier updates.

    What I suggest you do is use backups to bring back your old site. Set up a development localhost XAMPP where you can install the old site as well and then upgrade it. I would use software such as the free ( http://www.winmerge.org ) to compare the directory containing your version 1.1.2 of the theme to a clean version of 1.1.2 to see exactly which modifications where made and where. Then directly compare your old theme folder to the current theme folder and go through the files making the customizations that you want.

    Normally it is a very bad idea to update anything on a live site without first testing it out on a clone site so that the live update is indeed seamless.




    Thanks Nick – where can I get a clean V1.2 (not 1.1.2) ?




    Sorry my bad. You didn’t mention you edited some files on the theme. I thought you’re talking about the admin settings set on wp dashboard. You might as well get the latest version which 1.7 on your themeforest account.




    I don’t think I did edit any files on the theme !

    But your still missing the point completely, I have already the new version, when I apply it everything breaks ….

    Nick – please could you advise where I can get the old version ?



    Hi nickoultas,

    As far as I know, older versions are not available for download. Normally upgrading from on version to the next doesn’t cause any issues but it looks like because there was such a huge gap between upgrades your settings were altered/lost.

    It would be far easier to go through the theme settings and get things back to the way they were for the blog etc than any other course of action.

    The raw data is still there via the wordpress db but the global avia variables just need to be re-set. Font, layout and options like that are only a few clicks away.

    Specifically, you can change the blog layout by going to the Theme Options>General Settings> Blog Overview Image layout and then selecting Display Image Above Entry. For the text go to Theme Options>Styling>Heading Font then select the font you would like.

    For the widget areas, you’ll need to go to Appearance>Widgets then add the twitter widget tothe Sidebar Blog (right) and any others to get it to exactly how it was previously.




    “Blog Overview Image layout and then selecting Display Image Above Entry”

    This has no effect, the images are still not showing :(

    What image should it use when this is selected ? Any image embedded in the blog post or ?


    It will only use the images you upload for that post using the Upload button below the visual editor.

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