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    Hi Mike,
    I have just updated wp5.3 with the 4.5.2 enfold theme. Only one thing seems not working as usual : the preview.
    It doesn’t work with Avia builder. I can’t preview the change I make before publish it.
    Can you confirm the issue ?

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    It was much easier to create posts before, because then it was easier to control the content of the post, without using Enfold’s layout builder.
    In the past I could also click in to not show the selected image in the post.
    Someone who has good ideas about this or have I missed something?
    Do I need to use layout builder for each post? I’d rather use WordPress post creator only if possible.
    Has someone already written about this?

    Thanks in advance!


    @adrianrem89 I see that you are using Enfold v4.4.1 with WordPress v5.0.3
    Please update to Enfold v4.5.2, you will need to manually update, please see this post.

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    @lexa_dryke the post preview is a bug that the dev team is working on, It’s pretty technical, but basically WordPress doesn’t use the alb template when previewing a unpublished post.
    For now the best solution we can offer is to publish your post and view it, then change the status of it if you don’t want it published.

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    @Gute for the “Don’t display image on single post” checkbox for the featured image, you can have this option with the WordPress “classic editor”, you don’t need to use the ALB for posts. But this option doesn’t show in the new “Block editor”
    I was trying to point out that with Enfold v4.5.2 you have the option to choose your default WordPress editor.

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    Thx Mike for your answer. Good luck for the dev team. Enfold, best theme, best team.

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    Hey adrianrem89!


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    Thanks Mike!
    I kinstalled the plug-in “Classic Editor” and it looks as it used to! =)


    @Gute Glad to hear.

    @adrianrem89 did you see @victoria‘s reply? Is this working for you now?

    Best regards,


    — Attention All —
    I believe that this thread has served it’s purpose, which was to address the issue with updating to WordPress v5 and share solutions for everyone to find quickly.
    We will do this again as needed in the future, but I plan to close this thread on Sunday 01/20.
    If you still have a issue, and we missed your post here, please open a new thread with your issue and post the link so we can assist better. Thank you.

    Best regards,

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