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    When I try to edit a page i just get a blank screen.

    I have for several weeks been unable to update the Enfold theme to the most up to date theme.

    What should I do?


    Now we have 4 “solutions” in 3 days that don’t convince 100%.
    1. install the classic editor plugin
    2. edit the functions.php
    3. save the “HTML warning” and reload
    4. install the WP Downgrade plugin

    But each of these possibilities doesn’t seem to be perfect and has his “for and against”, when if I read the comments correctly.

    Can you give a statement if you are working on an Enfold Update 4.52 to fix the issues?
    Have you heard something that the WordPress team is aware of what problems they’re causing with 5.0?

    I don’t want to ruin any more with a compromise solution.
    How is the plan and advice of the Kriesi team to solve this problems clean, even if we still have to wait a few more days?

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    Diverse Fehler bei der Erstellung von Beiträgen und Seiten. Wann kommt das Enfold update das kompatible mit Gutenberg ist? 4.5.1.x ? or 4.6 ?


    @paul24com, @all, I can assure you that the dev team is working on solving these issues beyond the temp suggestions above, probably with a update or patch. I will update as more info comes available.
    Sorry if the temp solutions seem confusing, this was created in a hurry to try to help many people with the same issues find a quick answer.
    We thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Best regards,


    Hey jamie,
    Do you mean that you have updated to WordPress 5, but you have not been able to update Enfold to 4.5.1?
    While I would be happy a assist you in updating to Enfold 4.5.1, I would suggest considering downgrading WordPress to 4.9 with the WP Downgrade plugin for a few more days.

    However you decide, Please include a admin login & FTP access in the Private Content area.

    Best regards,


    Hey zankaent,
    Glad to hear you solved the first issue, as far as the drag & drop of the ALB, this is one of the specific issues that the dev team is working on.
    Thank you for your patience.

    Best regards,


    Hey Vasilis,
    @samvasgr, do you mean that you would like to downgrade WordPress?
    If so please try WP Downgrade

    Best regards,


    I will see how I go @mike. You saved me the the Classic Editor.
    I had issues whenever I clicked on text block, there was no text at all.

    Do you suggest to update to Enfold v 4.5 for better results? I am managing 2 websites. On the one that I updated to Enfold 4.5 & WordPress 5 and there was were I had the issue and I installed the Classic Editor.
    On the other website I have Enfold 4.2 and I updated Worpress 5 and it seems that the Classic Editor was already there? Or did I somehow automatically activated or downloaded?

    Thank you!


    Enfold 4.5.1 works better than Enfold 4.5, which was based on the beta of WP 5.
    Enfold 4.2 doesn’t support WP 5, which is why the Gutenberg blocks don’t seem to show correctly.
    Both work well with WP 4.9
    Hope this answers your question.

    Best regards,


    Thank you Mike for the tip on Classical editor. My Enfold website is nearly recognisable again.
    I am not tech savvy, so stabbing around in the dark when trying to make sense of instructions when updating 4.4.1 to 4.5.1 manually. I am terrified of making a mistake. I self-host with Siteground and therefore do not have a tech guy. Would my best option for resolving this upgrade be to simply buy it again, therefore the latest version, or the $50 installation fee. Would one of you guys then be able to resolve this issue for me?



    I tried all the steps indicated here. I downgraded to WP 4.9.8 and lastly had to update manually via CPanel to Enfold 4.5.1, but my Enfold Child theme broke! The notification on Themes tab says: “The parent theme does not exist. Install the ‘enfold’ theme.” How to solve that?
    Before you ask, I upload the theme folder only with de theme files :)

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    Hi @mike,
    so do you think it should be maybe better to upgrade to Enfold 4.5.
    Thank you!


    The drag and drop avia builder is not working properly. I’m trying to drag a colored section to the bottom of the page and if an element takes up too much space, its almost impossible to get the colored section past it.

    Will solutions be coming in the new patch? How long? Should I downgrade to a previous version of wordpress for now?


    @moodlabdesign, Can you please include a admin login & ftp access in the private content area so we can take a closer look.

    Best regards,


    @samvasgr for the issue on your other post I agree with Nikko that it could be plugins or v4.2
    If your webhost offers the staging site option, I would recommend trying that.
    If you are using WordPress 5, then please use Enfold 4.5.1

    Best regards,


    @dzimnikov the drag & drop issue is being worked on, although I can’t give you a time line.
    Downgrading WordPress would be a option. This plugin worked well for downgrading: WP Downgrade

    Best regards,


    Please open a new thread with you admin login & ftp access, or cPanel access if you don’t know your ftp access info,
    please place all info in the Private Content area, then post here again so we can look for it.

    Best regards,


    Thank you @mike. The perfect solution for me was to disable the Gutenberg editor with the code you provided at the top of this thread.


    Thank you!


    Wordpress 5.0.1 just released. Anyone know how this effects Enfold?


    Thanks Mike, the classic editor plugin fixed it


    @G, I am running a staging site with 5.0.1 and Enfold 4.5.1 with the Classic Editor activated, and it seems fine on my brief testing. I make no guarantees though, and encourage you to test in the same way on your site. :)


    @illingco thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,


    Just 2 words: FU**N GUTENBERG!!!:D

    thanks for solving the problem fellows:)



    Is any able to clarify what WordPress 4.9.9 is?
    I just got some email messages saying some websites I run have been automatically updated to WordPress 4.9.9…
    Is this an option for those that do not want to deal with the problems in WP 5?
    WP 4.9.9 – No Gutenburg editor present and all works well with Enfold 4.5 from what I can see.
    Is it advisable to update Enfold to 4.5.1?

    Any info appreciated thanks.



    Hi Nick

    My best guess of what WP 4.9.9 is:
    A security release for the ones who still want to have WordPress 4.x but are not ready yet for updating to WordPress 5.0. There is no official blog post or something similar by WordPress yet so as mentioned, this is just a guess.

    In general I would upgrade to WordPress 5.x sooner or later, same as for Enfold 4.5.1
    What changes in WordPress 5.0 is basically only the version number. If you don’t like Gutenberg just install a plugin to disable it (such as the Classic Editor plugin) so as a conclusion, all that changes in that case is the version number.

    Some of my websites run on WordPress 5.0 and Enfold 4.5.1 without the classic editor pretty smoothly.



    Thanks, Micheal, you’ve just confirmed the discussion I’ve just had with the web host support.



    I upgraded to WP 5.0, then saw there was an update to Enfold (to 4.5.1). At the moment when I saw there was an Enfold upgrade it was not a good time for me to do so. Later when I went to update Enfold, I am not able to from within WordPress because there is no link to the upgrade.

    I had to manually upgrade to version 4.5 and there were some problems with that, which I resolved, but I don’t want to have to go through that again. So I would prefer to upgrade through WordPress. But I’m literally not seeing anything in Updates. When I go to the Themes area there is nothing indicating that there is a link. Please advise.


    Hi mikehartrich,

    You have to generate and add a token for the new automatic update to work, could you try that out please?

    Best regards,


    Thix topic is in Eunoia theme but it’s for Unfold Theme.
    What is the relationship with the Eunoia theme ?
    Eunoia theme is WordPress v5 comptatible ?

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