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    Having a read around, it seems as though I need to update the abundance theme files in order to use the newest version of WooCommerce.

    I’ve had to update an older site build (1 month) to use a brand new woocommerce extention.

    1) Where / how do I update the abundance theme files?

    2) How do I do so without wiping css changes to the current theme files and changes to the theme files I have made to change various things?



    1) Unpack the themforest package. You’ll get a folder which contains another zip file ( Unzip this file too.

    2) Use a ftp client like filezilla to access your server directories. Navigate to wp-content/themes and download your current theme folder (as backup). If you haven’t modified any theme files just delete this folder.

    3) Now upload the new (unpacked) theme files (see step 1) to your themes folder. If you’ve modified files like css/custom.css upload them too and replace the original file.

    You can also use version.rtf and just replace the updated files if you prefer this way.


    Something that helps me sleep better during updates is using a child theme (see in case you are unfamiliar with the concept).

    So far it seems to me that Abundance works without any hickups with a child-theme, and that way you have your CSS, modified language files, and the core files that you changed in a separate directory, the rest is pulled from the original Abundance theme, and when you update, nothing of your changes is overwritten.

    Only in case that some of the changed core files are heavily changed in the original theme you have to re-edit them with your changes and copy them to your child theme dir again.

    From my experience the most versatile and secure way to make changes, and the best one for long-term maintenance..

    Good luck with the update!!


    If version.rtf shows a folder modification, should the entire folder be replaced with the folder from the new zip?


    I am looking for the best solution to update this theme without loosing all the modifications (language translation…custom CSS etc…)


    Silly question here…How/where would I download the latest version of Abundance? I have 1.5 and have recently update WP to 3.5. Am having some graphics presentation problems on my Win7 box, but I’m not sure if it’s theme related. Just wanted to rule out by getting it current.




    if you visit you can download the latest version, but from what I can tell the last update to the theme was in november. So it has not been updated for wp 3.5. I know that with 3.5 the jquery among other things has been updated which might break certain functions of the theme. I have not gone through yet though to test.





    Thanks gdws for helping us out :)

    Best regards,


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