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    I’m trying to update Abundance to the new version due to the Cross Site Scripting problem. When I developed my site: I didn’t edit any theme files – I created a child theme. But when I went through the suggested steps for upgrading (from the forum) my site fell apart. So I restored the theme folder, but still lost some of my sidebar content on one page. I’m going to loose my security certification if I don’t fix the Cross Site Scripting problem. Not sure what to do.


    Did you try to overwrite the old theme files with the new, updated files? Use tools like Filezilla to access your ftp server/directories. Navigate to wp-content/themes/ and make a backup of your current abundance folder. Then open the themeforest zip file and unzip the updated abundance theme files. Drag’n’drop them into the wp-content/themes/abundance folder and confirm the “overwrite existing files” message.


    Yes, I just went through the process again, transfering the new abundance files to the old abundance folder, and overwriting the existing files. Same problem – missing content, and messed up page layout. Again, I customized through a child theme so I’m not sure why this is happening. I’m wondering – the search box is where the xss problem is. Is it possible that the fix lies in a couple of files that I can update without updating the whole theme?


    Hi cmcgrayne99,

    If all you are trying to fix was the security update, you can try just replacing the framework folder in your theme files with the updated framework file in the newest version.

    You can also go through the the version.rtf file in the newest downloaded theme package and just replace each of the files that has been updated since your last folder.

    I know with some themes, there are some theme features added in at various points and that when updating, templates/settings had to be re-created to get the new stuff to show up. I wouldn’t rule out the need to re-set up a few sidebars or fix layout issues after upgrading especially if it has been a while.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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